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Best Android Emulators For PC And Mac You Must Know

Running Android Apps and Games on a Computer has its perks. As we know that technology is always trying to invent something valuable and enjoyable for human beings. Likewise, Android Emulators are a modern invention that assists you to enjoy the big screen.

Best Android Emulators For PC And Mac You Must Know

If you are an Android user and willing to use your smartphone right from your computer then you have landed on the right spot. Run your whole Android mobile phone right from your computer to boost your experience and enjoy the big screen. Before going through Android Emulators, you should know what an Android Emulator is.

What is Android Emulator?

A virtual Android device( VAD) that simulates a particular Android device is known as an Android Emulator. Without having to enjoy every real device, you may test your operation on a variety of bias and Android API situations using the Android Emulator, which simulates Android bias on your Desktop computer. To execute and test your Android operations on your Desktop, you can use an Android Emulator as the target platform.

Advantages of Android Emulators

  • Usage of Android Apps on Desktop.

  • Big screen enjoyment.

  • Enjoy more storage and power of Desktop.

  • Better controls.

  • Play as long as you want (no limited battery life).

  • Usage of multiple apps at a time.

Emulating Android on a Desktop is not a tough task. You just have to download the Best Android Emulator according to your will and need. Free download and Install Android Emulator on your computer. We have managed to share the list of Best Android Emulators For PC and Mac.

Best Android Emulators For PC and Mac;

1-Android Studio
Best Android Emulators For PC And Mac You Must Know

File Name;               Android Studio

License;              Freeware

Category;              Desktop Enhancements

Downloads;               2.3M

Google just unveiled Android Studio, a brand-new, fully integrated programming environment for the Android operating system. It was created as a replacement for Eclipse, the most popular IDE at the moment, and to offer additional tools for App Development.

Since practically all of the project's files are stored in the SDK directory when you start a new project in Android Studio, the move to a Gradle-based management system gives the build process even more freedom.

You can see any visual changes you make to your app in real time and how it will appear on a variety of different Android devices using Android Studio. The program will also assist you in localizing your apps, providing you with a visual means of continuing to program while managing the application's flow.

Other Features Of Android Studio

  • A stable and simple development environment.
  • A simple way to test performance on various device types.
  • Wizards and templates for basic building blocks used throughout Android programming.
  • A fully functional editor with a tonne of extra tools to hasten the creation of your applications.

The greatest alternative for App Developers is Android Studio. Android Studio is an IDE in a technical sense. Through the Android Virtual Device feature, it has an Emulator. Practically any gadget can be made and used to test an application. Regular folks may also use this as an Emulator, and after you get through the setup

The performance from Android Studio is quite good. With little trouble, we utilized a few apps and played a few Games. However, it lacks the additional keyboard support that Emulators geared toward gaming have.

Best Android Emulators For PC And Mac You Must Know

File Name;               BlueStacks

License;               Free

Op. System;               Windows

Downloads;               97M+

No doubt BlueStacks is one of the Extensive Android App Players in the Android market. It's the reason behind the huge popularity of BlueStacks that it has so many beneficial features. Besides the wonderful features, it is compatible with both PC and Mac, and gamers can effortlessly improve their gaming experience with BlueStacks.

It's not an easy task to improve the gaming experience but with BlueStacks, it becomes more reliable just because of its helpful features. Yes, we are specially talking about the Impulse Manager through which you can create several impulses of the Emulator and run so many Games at a time.

Furthermore, BlueStacks is a Key mapping Tool for creating customized control ways in a minute or two. In addition to this, there is more resource consumption because of demanding Games but this best Emulator assists you to get rid of the issue by providing the Eco Mode feature.

Eco Mode is an awesome feature of BlueStacks that helps in reducing resource consumption while playing demanding Games. If you are worried about the security of your data then you are wasting your thinking energy. The updated version of BlueStacks has certified GDPR compliance and it's one of the safest and most secure Emulators.

3-Bliss OS
Best Android Emulators For PC And Mac You Must Know

File Name;              Bliss-OS

License;               Free

Category;               Desktop Enhancements


Bliss OS is one of the reasonably versatile Android Emulators. It has come a long way since it made its first appearance on the list of Best Android Emulators For PC and Mac. As you can use Bliss OS in several ways, it's one of the best Android Emulators for both PC and Mac users.

A modern, highly-optimized touch and mouse friendly environment for all of your daily home and business needs is provided by Bliss OS, an open-source operating system built on the Android platform and designed for use on a wide range of modern PC tablets.

Generally, there are almost three methods to use Bliss OS. You can choose any method to use according to your need and will.

Live boot option;

                              In the live boot option, you boot Bliss OS off of a flash drive.

Partition on PC;

                             In this method, you can install Bliss OS as a partition on your PC and boot it directly into it.

Virtual machine;

                             Last but not least you can install Bliss OS through a virtual machine.

It's the beauty of this Emulator that you can use it by selecting any of the methods mentioned above. As far as our research the first two methods are the most reliable ones. We recommend you select the full boot or flash drive method.

This heavily modified operating system, which is based on Android 11, takes pride in offering its users a seamless synchronizing experience, which includes syncing of installed apps, settings, and customizations across all of your Bliss OS-powered devices. Having worked within the Android ecosystem for years.

Best Android Emulators For PC And Mac You Must Know

File Name;               ARChon

License;               Freeware

Category;               Desktop Enhancements

Author;               Vladikoff | ARChon

A flexible custom plugin for the Chrome or Chromium browser, ARChon (also known as ARChon Runtime for Chrome), makes it simple to run Android apps directly on Windows PCs and a range of other supported systems. Initially created by Vlad Filippov as a fork of the official Google.

This simplified emulator quickly gained a reputation for stability and giving more sophisticated features, such as the capacity to run any Android program as a ChromeOS App, as part of the "App Runtime for Chrome" package.

Due to ARChon's foundation in tIt benefits from having its code processed natively in the Chrome browser by using the "App Runtime for Chrome" platform (also known as ARC Welder). This function is a part of Google's successful Native Client project, which enables the Chrome browser to securely run.

The majority of online users from across the world utilize the Chrome Browser, which is a constantly expanding application, to browse the internet. ARChon is completely free and is accessible for download on any modern PC that can run it. Additionally to working with the Windows OS version of Chrome, it is also compatible with Linux and Mac OS.

It's crucial to remember that ARChon lacks any user-facing interface components. Once it has been installed on your Chrome browser, it functions as a background service whenever you load an Android app (which has been converted into ChromeOS ). Get ARChon right now and use it as an extension on your Chrome Browser.

Best Android Emulators For PC And Mac You Must Know

File Name;     

License;               Free

Op. System;               Windows

Downloads;               17,231,167

Our second contender, GameLoop, is designed with gamers in mind. In reality, Tencent is the company behind PUBG: Mobile and other well-known mobile games. You can start using this one right away because the installation procedure is straight forward. After installation, you can access a wide range of apps and games.

We put TikTok, Call of Duty: Mobile, and some more Games to the test. Everything was successful. If you need to download something from Google Play, GameLoop will download the necessary parts for you. Free download GameLoop right now to impulse your gaming skills quickly.

Our testing ran into a few bumps. We had to check out a few issues here and there, and some things required multiple download attempts. However, this does not employ VT as others do. The Library of Me tabs let you view the installed games. You can immediately launch the games in the first tab and swiftly install any others you don't already have. You can view your installed games as well as your other account settings and data under the Me tab.

English, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Urdu, and Arabic are all languages in that GameLoop is accessible. The UI is really simple to use, making it simple to install and play all the games. The most popular games, intriguing new releases, and other well-liked programs that you might want to install can all be found under the Home section. 


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