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Creating video slideshows from a smartphone is made easy with the help of a suitable application. Video Editor Free Movie Maker was precisely designed for this kind of task.
Edit your videos and short clips with Video Editor Free Movie Maker

File Name; Video_Maker_Free_Movie_Editor 

License;              Freeware

Platform;            Android 

Version;             2.1.1

OS;               Android 5.0

Downloads;           226K+

What Is Video Editor Free Movie, Maker 

Video Editor Free Movie Maker is a freeware application that provides an easy platform to create and enhance videos. If you are a video editor and want some next-level editing then we recommend you Video Editor Free Movie Maker App. It gives you lots of cool features for free.

Moreover, Video Editor Free Movie Maker for Android offers two styles for editing videos. The updated version of Video Editor Free Movie Maker offers timeline-based and storyboard-centric editing styles. These both editing styles are easy to understand and use, even by beginners.

Furthermore, this Best Android video Editing App offers the coolest video effects from old schools to romantic and Hollywood blockbusters. The application has more than 25 filters and themes as well as you can effortlessly add graphics to your video clips by using it.

Best Free Video-Making Software

Video Editor Free Movie Maker is a freeware tool to create, remake and edit videos. It provides an easy interface to create, edit, and remake videos. There are several other Free video Making Software programs but this one is more reliable and effective. You can effortlessly create and edit videos with Video Editor Free Movie Maker without paying a penny.

Furthermore, the program comes with a wide range of valuable features. By using the best features of Video Editor Free Movie Maker you can cut, alter and splice videos and movies in a short period. If you are a beginner and want to create or edit videos then download Video Editor Free Movie Maker from here.

Start editing your videos without paying any charges by using this Best Free Video Editing App. It includes so many themes to easily customize your video clips. Give amazing looks to your videos and make them appealing by downloading Video Editor Free Movie Maker from here right now.

Features Of Video Editor Free Movie Maker 

As every new update of the tool comes with a wide range of features, the latest version of Video Editor Free Movie Maker has come with lots of beneficial features for its users. Cool features of this Free Video Making Software are as follows;

  1. The software lets you apply different filters, transitions, and awesome effects.
  2. The program is free to download and use.
  3. Change the orientation of the video clip by using the traditional sepia theme.
  4. Simple, clean, and user-friendly interface.
  5. Add multiple music files.
  6. It includes so many customization options.
  7. Besides the above-mentioned features, the program also assists you to put together several different videos. Make a nice video collection by using this Best Free Android Video Editor. You can simply change the text and appearance of your video clips with the help of this Free Editor.

Other Features


This application published by Mini Android offers the possibility for the user to design a video with pictures stored on his phone. The slideshow design supports adding image files, text, and background music.


To improve the sequence, Video Editor Free Movie Maker has numerous effects and filters. It also adjusts the presentation of each picture and set the duration of the presentation.


Once the project is finalized, it is possible to preview the final render. For this, the app provides a visualization of the slideshow with the embedded player, with the usual controls for a media player.


Video Editor Free Movie Maker allows user to share their creation with their family. This operation, has several sharing options, such as sending mail or posting on social networks.

Available Languages

English, Arabic, Finnish, French, Italian, Czech, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Danish, German, Greek, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and Turkish.

Final Words

Adjust the speed of your videos, make your video content beautiful, add attractive filters and themes to your video clips, add text to your videos and share the created videos with your friends, family, and loved ones. Free download Video Editor Free Movie Maker App from here today. If you have any confusion about this application then you may contact us through the commenting section. If you want to experience Professional Video Editing then check Adobe Premiere Clip.

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