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Be one of the best Professional Video Editors by using Adobe Premiere Clip. It's the official free video editor specially designed for Android. The best thing about Adobe Premiere Clip is that it supports almost all Android mobile phones and tablets. Now you can edit short video clips on your Android smartphone.

File Name;             Adobe_Premiere_Clip_APK

Version;             V1.1.6.1336

File Size;             60MB

Android;           4.4+

Category;             Video Editors

Downloads;             10,000,000

Adobe Premiere Clip Review 

You don't have to seek any laptop now for editing your videos. Download Adobe Premiere Clip from here and edit video clips by using its amazing features. You can edit short video clips by using the short video maker feature, directly from your Android smartphone without any transcoding. Furthermore, it supports and works on both mobile phones with Built-in Flash support and on tablets that support Slide.

Adobe Premiere Clip Provides you with a simple and user-friendly interface to edit your videos. It gives you the chance to experience Professional Video Editing on your smartphone. You can effortlessly edit your favorite videos now on your mobile phone. Get an advantage from this valuable Android App.

Moreover, the simple interface of Adobe Premiere Clip makes it easier for beginners to enjoy video editing. Adobe Premiere Clip for APK is much more comfortable than other Video Editing software that we are used to using on PC. Create fun and quirky clips by using this valuable Android application.

Adobe Premiere Clip is not only focused on creating funny clips. You can make hilarious video clips by applying weird edits. The features of this beneficial software assist you to showcase high-quality cinematography. Enjoy and experience premiere video editing according to your need and will, by downloading Adobe Premiere Clip for Android.

Features Of Adobe Premiere Clip APK

The latest version of Adobe Premiere Clip has come with certain beneficial features. You may use these cool features to make one of the best cinematic content. The features of Adobe Premiere Clip for APK are as follows;

  • Auto video creation

You can create an attractive video of your images by applying soundtracks. You just have to select the soundtrack and images you want to use in the video. The application will set your images according to the beat of the music automatically and artfully.

  • Professional Video Editing

Besides auto video creation mode, you can move it into the freedom editor to customize the future with wonderful features. This feature contains certain options like

  1. Drag and drop videos as well as photos according to the order which you like.
  2. You can trim out the bad part or the part which you don't like to have in the video.
  3. You can add Visual Polish with lighting adjustments.
  4. You will have slow-motion effects and transitions.

  • Easy to save and share

The feature let you effortlessly save your finished video clips. You can save finished video clips to your storage or gallery. Moreover, you can also share your video clips on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Attractive looks

The feature contains several colorful looks. You can effortlessly apply custom lighting from Adobe Capture CC to improve the appearance of your video clips.

  • Photo zoom (In & Out)

It's one of the enjoyable features of this helpful application that you can add Visual Interest to static images. Turning on this feature allow you to apply a slow zoom in and out of the clips.

Besides, the features mentioned above the application will let you remove the original sound from videos. You can add your favorite music to the videos by removing the original one.

Advantages Of Adobe Premiere Clip

As everything in this world has advantages as well as disadvantages, Adobe Premiere Clip also has certain advantages and disadvantages. We have shared below the advantages and disadvantages of Adobe Premiere Clip.

  • It saves projects in cloud storage.
  • It's a freeware Android application.
  • Tested by an antivirus (Avast) and it's clean to use.
  • Easy for using sliders.
  • Straightforward and user-friendly interface.
  • Sync projects with other Adobe Editing Apps and Software.


  • No video clip timeline.
  • It can't put text over the video clips.
  • It offers limited effects.

Best Video Editor

No doubt Adobe Premiere Clip is one of the Best Video Editors. As it is very handy to run and use. You can edit videos anywhere at any time by using Adobe Premiere Clip APK. Moreover, it provides one of the best video editing services that enables you to create attractive content.

It's a straightforward tool, so beginners will not face any difficulty while using it. In addition, it's a small Android application and it runs smoothly, so you will not get bored while using it. Use all the valuable features of this free video editor to create awesome video content efficiently without paying a penny.

You wouldn't have to pay any charges to download and install Adobe Premiere clips. Even, you don't need a subscription to run and use it on your Android device. You just don't have to worry about losing your precious work. You can save your projects in cloud storage for further editing.

Create the Best Cinematic Content

Adobe Premiere Clip allows you to create amazing cinematic content for your Social Media, Website and YouTube Channel, etc. The main screen of the application has a huge selection of modules for Cropping, Editing, Tagging, and Restoring. Adobe Premiere Clip has certain basic functions that users would expect from a Video Editing Software like;

  • Splitting Videos into Clips
  • Adding effects
  • Trimming videos
  • Adding background music

The latest version of Adobe Premiere Clip also allows users to add content from a USB drive. This valuable feature is very beneficial for those who don't have computer desktops. If you can't always be at your laptop then still you can edit your videos on your smartphone by adding files from USB Drive.

You don't have to transcode your video clips from the device you are using. You may import videos directly from your phone's camera. Make your videos attractive by using the amazing features of Adobe Premiere Clip APK. You can download the updated version of this simple video editor for Android from here.

Download this free video editor and install it on your Android smartphone. Create quality videos in a short period with lots of fun. Use the amazing features of Adobe Premiere Clip mentioned above to make your videos more attractive and cinematic.


We have managed to share here the updated version of Adobe Premiere Clip APK for Android. You can now download Adobe Premiere Clip APK's latest version from here. Go through the download button and get Adobe Premiere Clip for APK. No doubt, it's one of the Best Video Editing Software that let you make your videos adorable. You may share your confusion and thoughts with us through the comments section.

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