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Best Android Apps To increase Android Phone's Performance

Information and communication technology has made our lives comfortable. This is the technology from smartphones and tablets to Windows OS, which we use on daily basis for different purposes. It would not be wrong to say that we spend most of our time with these devices.

No doubt, Android Phones also become slow down with time just like other assets lost their performance gradually. Are you really satisfied with the performance of your Android phone? If your answer is yes then you might have maintained the performance of your Android smartphone with the best Android Performance boosters.

These are the best Android apps to increase the performance of your Android mobile phone

You will have noticed that life becomes more challenging with new problems gradually and just like that issues arise when you move forward with your Android Phone by installing too many games and apps on it. This causes slower CPU processing, lower volume, drains the battery quickly, slower browser speed, lower SD data transfer rate, and apps to run slowly.

It's all about the regular checkup of your mobile phone to boost speed and operations by managing it with Performance Management apps. Today we are here with the best Android Apps 2023 to improve your Android mobile phone's performance. These top Android applications work differently. Some offer benchmark scores by monitoring the phone's performance and some requires rooted or unlocked devices.

1-SetCPU APK For Android

SetCPU is one of the best Android apps to increase Android phone's performance

File Name;             SetCPU_APK

Version;             3.1.5

File Size;             2MB

Category;             Android Apps

Downloads;             16K

What is SetCPU?

SetCPU is a lightweight Android application that generally irritates the CPU on a rooted Android smartphone to ensure optimal speed. More simply, SetCPU APK pinches the processor of rooted Android devices to increase CPU performance. Download this best CPU performance management app right now.

Moreover, this fast Android app allows users to experiment with over-clocking in old mobile phones. It increases the performance of the CPU by managing its cloud speed. Increase the beneficial life of the processor with SetCPU. It's the main goal of this application that it overclocks or underclocks the processor settings according to the conditions.

Furthermore, SetCPU allows you to slow down the speed of the processor just because of saving battery life. Generally, it pinches the voltage of the smartphone to save your mobile phone's battery. SetCPU's latest version supports and works with different Android mobile phones.

As we have said above that the application works according to the conditions. So, it allows its users to create energetic profiles for changing settings based on certain conditions. We can say that it provides the platform to manage the overall performance and working speed of the CPU.

Control The CPU With SetCPU

If you want total control over the CPU then we recommend you this top Android app. It become easy now to control the CPU completely with SetCPU APK App. This application allows you to change or manage the performance of your processor by allowing you to command it.

No doubt, Controlling the Android phone's CPU has its perks and it can be done with this valuable Android App. All you have to make sure of is that your Android device must be unlocked or rooted. The updated version of the SetCPU APP requires or works with rooted Android mobile devices.

Features Of SetCPU APK App

  1. Free to download and use.
  2. Upgrade or downgrade CPU Speed.
  3. User-friendly interface.
  4. Finger slider to increase or decrease the CPU speed.
  5. Simplest Action Bar for App navigation.
  6. Info Menu (Dual-Pane) with proper guidelines.
  7. Many more.
  8. Requirements of SetCPU APP for Android
  9. It requires Android 2.2+

Make sure your Android phone is rooted, for that purpose iRoot or Kingroot will help you out. You may check whether your phone is rooted or not, you can use any Root Checker.

Feel like a boss by taking complete control over the CPU. Manage the performance of your CPU by increasing or decreasing CPU speed with the help of SetCPU for Android. If you are willing to manage the performance of your Android mobile phone according to your will then download SetCPU from here today.

2-Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup is the best Android app to boost the performance of an Android phone

File Name;             Avast_Cleanup_APK

Version;             6.7.0

File Size;             39.9MB

Category;             Android Apps

Downloads;             377K

Avast Cleanup Review

As the name of this application tells us that it assists in cleaning an Android smartphone. Avast Cleanup boosts the performance of your device by removing unwanted files and apps. If the applications on your Android mobile phone are running slow then Avast Cleanup may be the best option for you.

Cleaning junk files manually on any Android Phone can be hard but easy with the Avast Cleanup app. It's the main job of the Avast Cleanup app that it optimizes the performance of your mobile phone and for that purpose, it frees the storage by removing the junk files.

Do you exactly know how much unwanted, poor quality, and duplicate stuff is present on your mobile phone? Your answer is no. Because in this busy world we cannot give our precious time to count such files and remove them manually from our devices. So, to make this terrific task reliable we are here with Avast Cleanup.

The updated version of Avast Cleanup enables you to optimize the media library by cleaning dangerous, poor-quality, duplicate, and unwanted files. The application also performs another amazing task of stopping apps that run in the background and the battery life of your device.

Managing the performance of Android mobile phones is easy with Avast Cleanup. The app guides you step-by-step to free up space. You just have to give access to it for clean junky and redundant folders and files.

Quick Clean Review Option

Free download this tremendous Android app from here today and boost the performance of your APK mobile phone. After installing the application, you have to permit it for performing its task. Once you give access to the app, it begins its job with a deep scan.

After scanning, you will see an option named Quick Clean Review', under which you will find all the files and app data for cleaning. It means that the application shows all the unwanted and redundant files to you before cleaning them. So, you can check and get back the data that you don't want to be cleaned or removed.

Features of Avast Cleanup

  • Junk and cache cleaner
  • Free up storage (by cleaning unwanted files)
  • Adjust battery usage according to the conditions
  • No ads irritation (in premium mode)
  • Manages phone information
  • Stops background running apps to save battery
  • Boost performance by cleaning RAM
  • Detoxify photo library
  • Separate folder section to manage the data

Furthermore, this best Android performance management app shows the percentage of used as well as free space on your smartphone. The usage process of the application is quite easy. You don't have to watch any tutorials for using Avast Cleanup. Once you click on the Start button, the application automatically begins optimizing your phone.

Clean up unnecessary files from your Android phone with the help of the Avast Cleanup free app. The application makes it easy for cleaning the data (images, files, videos) that you received or sent on online platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Don't let all those junks be a burden on your smartphone by using this best app.


Increase the performance of your Android phone using Antutu app

File Name;          Antutu_Benchmark_APK

Version;          9.5.4

File Size;          49.56MB

Category;           Droid Apps

Downloads;          3.6M

Antutu Benchmark is one of the best Android performance management Apps, which allows you to measure the performance of your Android phones and tablets. The application focuses on every performance on your Android devices from the app in it to the ROM. Furthermore, if you are a Game lover then we recommend you Antutu.

Generally, the application does several tests on your device to show the actual performance in digits or numbers. It provides complete and comparable performance data of your smartphone to relate with others. Check the exact performing score of your mobile phone with Antutu.

What kind of applications are better for your smartphone? You have no idea, right? After all, we are just users, not developers or technicians. If you want to test an application before using then Antutu is the best option for you. The application provides some details about the possibility of apps running without getting sluggish.

In addition to this, you will have the score details of several applications. Likewise, you will be able to know which applications are beneficial for your smartphone. Know well details about the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and RAM (Random Access Memory) of your mobile device with Antutu.

Phases of Antutu Benchmark Tests

As we have discussed above Antutu tests your smartphone in several ways to boost its performance. For making it simple and clear we have divided the tests of the Antutu Benchmark into three phases which are as follows;


In the first phase, Antutu will check the RAM performance of your mobile device by collecting every piece of information that will be valuable for understanding either your device is performing well or not.


In the graphics phase, Antutu will check the graphics management system of your Android mobile phone. In this phase, Antutu will check whether your Android terminals manage the two-dimensional graphics or not. For this purpose, the application will fill up your screen with concealed frames.

Antutu 3DBench

Last but not the least, in this phase, the Antutu Benchmarking app will check your Android phone's performance to run heavy apps and games on it. It's a tough phase where Antutu 3D Benchmark plays 2 separate scenes made with the unity 3D 5.0 engine. More simply the application will check whether your Android smartphone endures with 3D graphics or not.

Free download Antutu Benchmark App for your Android phone from here, as it's a freeware application. Check individual scores of your Android phone's performance and deck it internally with Antutu APK App. Furthermore, companies nowadays are trying to make their mobile phones better for benchmark apps.


Get the above-mentioned applications according to your need from here. Don't forget that some of the apps above require rooted Android phones to perform the task. If you have any confusion related to the download of these best Android performance boosters then feel free to share your questions with us. Don't forget to share your precious feedback, it will help us a lot to bring positive innovation to the platform.


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