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EaseUs Data Recovery | Free Data Recovery Software Download

Hey guys! Today we are here with the latest version of EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard. We have managed to share a free version of EaseUS Recovery Software here. EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is a data recovery software, which will enable you to recover all the important data on your device. If you are thinking about the data which has been lost or deleted from your mobile phone, don't take tension, you are here at the right place.

Recover the data that you have lost years ago with EaseUs Data Recovery for free

File Name;             DRW_Free.exe

License;             Freeware

Platform;             Windows

Author;            EaseUs

Downloads;             1.7M+

What is EaseUs Data Recovery?

EaseUs Data Recovery enables you to recover your precious data with ease. Bring the moments back in the shape of videos and images which you have lost years ago. Get this precious recovery software for PC by going through the download link.

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is the best software to rehab deleted data. Users can effortlessly regain their lost files from Hard drives, Memory Cards, USB drives, and several other storage devices. It assists users in recovering deleted files such as Pictures, Video files, Contacts, Documents, and so many other files. It's computable with all Window file systems (FAT to NTFS and EXT).

Recover your deleted data or files using this free Data Recovery Software on your computer. You don't have to pay any charges for using this best data recovery software, as it's freeware software. The software has approximately a 2GB recovery limit that serves as a trial for a paid upgrade.

EaseUs Data Recovery is one of the secure software programs to rehab any type of file or data. If you have lost your important folder with valuable data accidentally and you found nothing on your Recycle Bin also then get this amazing recovery software from here today. No doubt, EaseUs Data Recovery for PC is the best recovery software Program to regain deleted files.

Features Of EaseUs Data Recovery Software

There are so many useful features of this Best Data Recovery Software (DRW).

  • Easy to download.
  • Works on different types of storage devices like hard disk drives, sd cards, pen drives, flash drives, etc.
  • Free to download.
  • Free recovers several file formats like ms outlook, Microsoft office files, multimedia files, etc.
  • Keep your 1GB of precious data safe.
  • It has an advanced scan algorithm.
  • The software is safe and light.
  • Feature of recovering while scanning.
  • A minimum of 2GB of data can be recovered on a PC for free.
  • The File Repair feature allows users to repair corrupted pictures, videos, and documents.
  • Many more.
        Free Data Recovery Software has come with 2 scanning modes;
        1. Quick Scan (Takes a shorter time for scanning).
        2. Deep Scan (Takes more time to scan the drive deeply for buried files or data).

        You can recover your data during the scanning process. There is also a valuable feature of this free Data recovery that it also recovers data during scanning. Users can save their precious time by recovering their data during scanning.

        It's also a time-saving feature of the software that it has a filter for filtering specific file types. Due to this feature, you can sort the desired files from millions of results. By using this cool feature you can find or get your needed files in a short period.

        Moreover, the preview feature in this Free Data Recovery Software will ensure you real recovery. Use this feature to preview multiple files like Emails, Word, Images, and Excel. Likewise, with the help of this awesome feature, you will be able to know whether the data is recovering or not.

        Regain the deleted email files, documents, and folders with EaseUS Data Recovery. Go through the download button right now to get the new version of Free Data Recovery Software for Windows. Once you click on the download link, the software setup automatically starts to download on your system.

        Supporting Windows

        Best Data Recovery Software supports approximately all window systems. For your kind of information, we have mentioned some main Windows that are better supported by this amazing software.

        • Windows XP
        • Windows 7
        • Windows 8.1
        • Windows 10
        • Windows Vista
        • Windows 11
        • Windows 8
        • More.

        As the software is compatible with the above-mentioned Windows systems, you can download it for your Windows.

        Best Free Data Recovery Software

        There are so many reasons to choose EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard. No doubt, it is the best free data recovery software for desktop to quick file recovery. It recovers several data loss scenarios like formatting, RAW and deleting, etc. Free Download EaseUs Data Recovery, Install it on your Windows and start to get your moments back that you have deleted accidentally months ago.

        If you have accidentally deleted files from your laptop or computer then get this reliable data recovery software from here right now. The latest version of this Free Data Recovery Software has come with a simple or friendly interface for its users. Furthermore, the software has several options to recover data or files from your device.

        Easeus Data Recovery Wizard allows users to regain deleted files through deleted file recovery, complete recovery, and partition recovery

        If you are worried about the files which you have lost then don't forget to free download Free Data Recovery Software from here today. It's the exact solution to rehab the deleted files. It doesn't matter that you have lost your precious documents, videos, photos, etc. EaseUS Data Recovery enables you to easily recover every piece of data that you have lost.

        How Is EaseUs Data Recovery The Best?

        It's a truth that old is gold, likewise, this is the software which has invented by a great man 25 years ago. Free File Recovery Software is launched by Stellar data recovery, which has vast experience in the data recovery process since 1993. This is the company that has approximately 2 million customers around 172 countries.

        Most people in this world scare to download any software or tool by thinking about viruses. Yes they are right we agree with them but they should conform to the tool they need before downloading. So it's good news for all of us that Free Data Recovery Software is free from viruses. You can get this reasonable software for free from here. Click on the download link provided at the end of the post and start to recover the precious moments that you have lost a long time ago.

        Other Features Of EaseUs Data Recovery

        • The software has the option to scan mode with the most advanced algorithm.
        • Feature to locate and filter your required files for recovery.
        • Supports deleted file recovery, crashed OS recovery,  recycle bin recovery, hard drive recovery, and lost partition recovery.
        • Feature to preview recoverable data before recovery.
        • Best performance rate (up to 98%).

        Supporting File Types

        The supported file types of this fast data recovery software are as follows;

        • Documents

        • Emails

        • Graphics

        • Audios

        • Many More.

        If you have permanently deleted your precious data and want it back now then don't forget to get this wonderful software. The software is specially designed to regain deleted files for free. This is the best software to recover deleted files efficiently and effectively.

        Furthermore, the software extracts and repair thumbnails of the selected .jpeg / .jpg files and take them out. Besides data recovery, the software also repairs corrupted .jpeg / .jpg photos or pictures. It will also help you to repair MP4 / MOV camera videos.

        How To Use EaseUs Data Recovery Software?

        As we all know that without understanding the way of using any application or tool, it's difficult to use it. So before downloading this helpful software on your laptop or computer you should go through the below points, where we have written some important lines about using data recovery software.

        1. First of all click on the link download given at the end of the post.
        2. After that open the file where you have downloaded free data recovery software.
        3. Install the software by clicking on the installation button.
        4. Now open the software and select the appropriate module according to your requirement.
        5. Select your recovery location to recover the data.
        6. After selection, click on the scan button to start the scanning process of the selected drive.
        7. Now see the preview of the data that you want to get back.
        8. After that click on the start saving button by selecting the location to save the recovered data.

        Available Languages

        English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Danish, Portuguese, and Korean.

        How can I recover files for free?

        EaseUs has attached the feature of free recovery in the Easeus free data recovery wizard. As we have mentioned above that you can recover your data up to 2GB, this free recovery is limited to test the quality of recovery. As a user of EaseUS Data Recovery Software, you can recover your files for free to test the recovery quality before going to purchasing mode.

        We have noticed that many of our users complained about free recovery issues. So, in this article, we have shared why users cannot regain files for free. The answer to the question is quite simple and easy. Check out the below-mentioned reasons to understand the free recovery process with EaseUS Data Recovery free software,

        EaseUS Data Recovery provides two recovery processes for its customers to check the recovery quality of their files that are Free version and the Trial version. After going through the two techniques you will be facilitated to buy the product when you tap on the Recover button there.

        Trial version

        If you have installed the Trial version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard then you will not be able to recover your data for free. The Trial version of this software does not support the free recovery of files. If you want to check the recovery quality of your files for free or if you want to recover your data for free then please check that either you have installed the Free version or not.

        Now, here comes the question that how to check the version you are using on your desktop. If you are a Windows user then it's quite simple just go through the About page as shown in the screenshot below.

        Check which version of EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard you are using on your Windows

        Hope that you have gotten the idea to check the version of the recovery software. If you are using the Trial version and want to use the Free version then uninstall the Trial version from your PC now. Free download the Free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to make sure free 2GB file recovery.

        It's also a reason why you cannot recover your data for free that your data exceeds the limit which EaseUs provides. Before clicking on the Recover button please don't forget to check how much data you have selected to recover for free. You will find the information just below the Recover button. If the files you selected exceed the given limit then either you can narrow down or buy the EaseUS Data Recovery pro version to break the recovery limit that is 2GB.

        EaseUs Data Recovery Software Requirements

        • Requires the above-mentioned Window systems.
        • File system (fully supported)  FAT (12, 16, 32), exFAT, ext2/ext3, HFS+,  NTFS, NTFS5, and ReFS).
        • A minimum of 32MB of free space will be required to install.
        • RAM should be 128MB to 1GB.
        • Requires 1 GHz (32-bit or 64-bit) CPU.

        Download EaseUs Data Recovery now on your windows and start to use it by following the above points. Wise, you can get back the videos, audio files, and photos from your memory card that you have lost.

        If you want to get the advantage of this wonderful opportunity or if you want to get your important data back without paying any payments then click on the download link right now. Once you click on the download link the software will start to download automatically after a few seconds.

        If you feel trouble while downloading this recovery software then feel free to contact us. You may contact us via the commenting section. Now go through the download link and recover deleted files for free by using this excelsior software.


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